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Fernando Therapist

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Web Design:

We have implemented  an innovative, fast and efficient design techniques in a few steps :

  1. Short interview about your company. 

  2. Gathering information and material process

  3. A first visual design of the Web is produced, where you will be able to see the structure, colors and design.

  4. Once this design is approved, it is completed with all the information and images provided.

  5. You will be instructed on how to use the exceptional and useful  tools on your new website to get the best results.

Simple, fast and easy.

IMPORTANT: We provide to our clients all Users and Passwords of all the platforms in order to keep the property of your domains, hosting and material.

SEO Services:

To produce positive results and attract customers to your business you need to be known in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, among others. Marketink offers this service, where a group of people take the trouble to investigate their business, the competition and their environment and then based on it;  create strategies to put your business on the first pages of search engines.

 What is SEO?

 SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) are all techniques or actions designed to increase the traffic in a website working on improving its position in different search engines.

Social Media:

 Our designers and content creators do the work for you. We create and publish for your Social Media (videos, photos, artistic posts, and more), We will manage these services for you. Get ready to gain New LIKES!

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