Customized Stickers

Totally Customized Stickers, for all Designs

Are you looking for a professional printer that guarantees outstanding results for all your sticker printing orders? We are the right option for you. With UPrinting you can create or upload your own artwork. You will be able to decide on the shape, size, coating and color that best matches your design.


Waterproof Materials

Waterproof materials for stickers are used on products like water bottles, among others.

If you need to customize bumper stickers, we recommend using White Vinyl as it 

is waterproof and UV-coated, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bi-Axially oriented polypropylene, also known as BOPP, can be found in three types: white, silver metallic, and clear. While white and silver metallic are tearproof and waterproof, clear BOPP is not only waterproof and tearproof, but also oil resistant.